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"If you have the courage to love, you have the courage to suffer."
Keeping Fit | Anael & Lucifer

The dark brown locks of Anael’s hair were swaying the wind as she was walking down the road to what she thought was the way to the Grill.  For being in the town for two days now, she still couldn’t get the hang of the different places around here even if it was a small town. One thing she found interesting was all the different people that lived there and that it seemed unlike from the other cities that she had been in.  She had been walking for a couple of minutes when she came to a halt while scanning the area, she saw that she was definitely in the wrong place. Anael sighed and turned around into another pathway, hoping that this time it was the right road.

After ten minutes of walking down a long road, Anael came to stop in front of a building where this time it said ‘’ Mystic Grill ’’ on it, she tried to memorize the directions so that the next time she didn’t have to waist her time in walking in wrong way. Her hand stretched out to the doorknob  the first thing that hit her was the warmth of the place as well as the smell of food. A smile appeared on her lips as she took in the distinct smells. She looked around the cozy place that was already decorated for the Valentine’s Day, one of her absolute favorite days.

Anael walked over to the cashier behind the desk, ordering two chocolate cupcakes to go with. Right at the moment the young guy gave her the cupcakes in a small box that had enough space for both of them, as she heard the sound of the bell chimes indicating that someone walked in. Anael turned her head around and smiled at Lucifer as he walked in to the café. 

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